Behind the Lens: My Cinematic Journey


Exploring the Path of an Emerging Filmmaker

Written by Melvin Urregg

From the heart of Vienna emerges a filmmaker with a vision to redefine storytelling through the camera lens. Melvin Urregg, a prodigy in film and media studies, embarks on a journey marked by passion, creativity, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Melvin Urregg at work

From gripping narratives like "Zerschlag mein Herz" to cutting-edge projects with Netflix, Melvin's portfolio showcases a diverse range of skills. His experience spans from production assistance to camera operation, embodying the essence of a multifaceted filmmaker in the making.

"In making a film, I start with an emotion. But in the end, it's always about the people making it come alive." - Ridley Scott

Whether behind the camera or in the editing room, Melvin's approach is a testament to his dedication. His technical prowess, combined with a keen eye for storytelling, has marked him as a notable up-and-comer in the cinematic world.

Charting New Territories

Melvin's academic background in theater, film, and media studies from the University of Vienna lays a solid foundation for his artistic endeavors. His internships and hands-on projects have not only honed his skills but also instilled a profound understanding of the industry's dynamics.

As Melvin Urregg continues to craft his narrative, the film industry watches with anticipation. For this emerging director, every frame is a canvas, and every scene a story waiting to be told.